10 July 2015


One of the most gratifying things about being a DIY-er is knowing you can turn something seemingly ugly into something fancy with a little imagination. I don't have the patience needed to endure shopping during sale season, but the excitement of possibly stumbling upon a fixer-upper makes me do it every time. The sweet, addictive taste of self-satisfaction I get at the end of a good diy is what made me go into H&M at peak time and purchase this unfortunate looking H&M jumpsuit (no shade if you own it, beauty is in the eye of the beholder etc).
step 1. Unpicked the sleeves because I didn't like them.
Step 2. Pinned down what was left of the sleeves. 
Step 3. Took in the legs for a more tapered fit and sewed everything I'd pinned.
Step 4. I ironed the jumpsuit, I tried on the jumpsuit and I gloated over how great it turned out.


1 July 2015


I've been going through some weirdness with regards to my body lately, I'm not sure whether it's a hormonal issue or if the trans-fats of my past are finally catching up to me, what I am sure of though is that I'm not buying any summer clothes until I can actually fit into them. Instead I've been stocking up on tiny necklaces from H&M that I've been layering up because less isn't always more-especially when it comes to gold.

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