30 May 2015


For as long as I can remember I've had an obsession with long, perfectly manicured nails. So when I decided a year ago to become more frugal I was devastated to have to give my £50 a month acrylic habit up. But all hope wasn't lost because I realised I'd watched the process so many times I could probably do it myself. All I needed was a training kit off eBay, a few youtube tutorials and some time to master the process right? WRONG. I ended up with weaker, more damaged nails and was forced to go au naturale. After a little research, and some trial and error I came up with this diy nail growth serum cuticle oil thingy.
Disc: I used this all of last year and had crazy long nails which I cut off in January because I couldn't maintain, but I've been using it again for about 6 weeks now and so far so good!
1tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1tsp Unrefined Virgin coconut Oil
1tsp Shea Butter
I'm using an old polish bottle that I cleaned out with acetone but you can also get empty polish bottles on eBay and Amazon.

Hypothesis: evoo and coconut oil are both nutrient-rich, deep-penetrating oils that encourage stronger nail growth, making the nail layers less likely to peel and flake, and the nail as a whole less likely to break. Additionally coconut oil has anti-fungal properties and can prevent hangnails. If you use hand creams then you've probably come across Shea butter and haven't realised it, this butter which has actually been scientifically proven to originate from the palms of God, moisturises, softens, contains vitamins A, E and F and will get those ashy, peeling, dehydrated cuticles and hands together.
Method: I prefer not to microwave oils so I suggest microwaving an empty bowl then melting the oils in the warm empty bowl and transferring the mix into a cleaned out polish bottle. If you don't have time for all that you can pour the olive oil in and just shove the butters in after. Roll the bottle in your hands to melt the oils a little and shake to break up big chunks of shea butter.
Put a drop of oil on the underside of each nail and then on your cuticle, and massage into the nails and hands. I recommend using this twice daily or more.

If my manicure game isn't strong enough to convince you to try my 100% natural cuticle serum then at least read this amazing article and be more mindful of the dangers you and your nail tech face when you spend that hour getting your nails filled in or over-layed. 

20 May 2015


I love the sun, sometimes I need the sun to remind me not to ignore my alarm, sometimes I need it to come out so I don't have to be squished against rain-drenched, wet-dog-smelling people on the tube and other times I just need it to justify my clothing choices. This whole wishy-washy May thing is killing my vibe. My legs need to be free and I cannot for the life of me understand why mother nature wont let me be great?!

Then again, maybe it's a good thing my miniskirt enjoyment is being restricted because heat, a leather miniskirt and excessive thigh meat sounds like a recipe for an embarrassing meme that I'm not willing to star in. 

wearing Secondhand blazer / River Island Skirt / Mango Bag / Asos Mules / American Apparel T-Shirt
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