26 March 2015


spring is always deceptively late, you get so used to the dreary weather that you forget and neglect to plan your spring looks. One of my desired spring aesthetics for spring is 'boudoir babe-cum-urbane business babe', and I think a short-sleeved, mini kimono perfectly captures that ladylike vibe without being too prim. I plan on making this in black and white, and I'll be pairing them all with white trainers, and an oversized leather jacket. 

Used: a 30inch x 60inch piece of fabric (use wider fabric if you want long sleeves), pins, measuring tape, scissors
step 1. fold the fabric in half lengthways with the wrong side facing you (I folded mine again widthways to save time).
step 2. measure down 10inch from the fold and then 1inch in in from the edge (do this on both edges to create your armholes/ sleeves). Mark with chalk or pin and cut the excess off.
step 3. pin along the edges.
step 4.  sew the two side seams.
step 5. lay flat and use a ruler or measuring tape to find the mid-point. Mark and cut a straight opening from the bottom to the fold.

step 6. to create the neckline measure 3.5in on either side of the opening, mark and cut along the fold.
step 7. pin the opening back and cut excess. Fold sleeve edges and bottom edges in, and pin.

step 8. you can either run the hems through your sewing machine or complicate your life like moi and hem by hand.

what are you most looking forward to wearing this spring?

11 March 2015


One of the things I'm most excited about for spring is denim. Frayed, slashed, light, dark whatever state it's in I intend to wear it. Fingers and toes crossed for the speedy arrival of spring so I can put all my coats away and wear every piece of denim I can get my hands on.

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6 March 2015


Kassandra Lauren Gordon is a long time jewellery designer, but her new collection Fly Me To Jupiter marks her first foray into fine jewellery. Inspired by the limitlessness of space, the hand-made collection consists of minimalist spherical and angular shapes in fine metals like silver, gold and rose gold-with some pieces featuring delicate sapphires.
Being a fan of most things gold and all things hand-made, I went down to the Craft Central shop to have a look and try some pieces on.
Kassandra describes the KLG woman as "smart, confident and savvy, and appreciative of quality items". If that sounds like you and you're in London over the weekend, pop over to the Craft Central shop and treat yo'self!
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2 March 2015


Having done numerous fashion weeks as an assistant and a journo, I wasn't expecting this go round to be much different, but writing for Fashion Scout and being able to experience the backstage chaos first-hand was amazing. Not only did it teach me about appropriate workwear when you work in the underworld maze that is backstage, it also inspired my super-intense, super-serious foray into investigative journalism-chasing busy models down corridors while screaming improvised questions is no joke.
I went, I wrote and I drank a tubful of vita coco everyday, this to me equals success.
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