27 February 2015


The Ones To Watch presentation had a FROW ripe with recognisable faces, and arguably the most captivating there was that of model cum artist, Sang Woo. I rarely meet male models and this was a prime opportunity to get a different perspective on the fashion week experience. I approached him with some word-vomit about how his face was sculpted by the hands of God, stuck my phone in his face and the rest is investigative journalism history..

How many seasons have you done so far?
The last LCM was my third so not many.

You’ve been working consistently since you were first scouted, are you still as excited about being a model as when you first began?
Yeah it’s amazing, I can’t really be complaining can I? It’s great to be able to travel around the world and meet some incredible people. It really is a great opportunity that I feel really blessed about.

What do most look forward to about Fashion week?
Well when doing the men’s shows being around the guys and being around the whole team is very exciting. I’m very interested in fashion hence my being here watching all the shows as well. It’s very different going from walking to watching the shows but I enjoy it just as much.

What’s the one thing you never leave home without during fashion week?
Tea, I always take my tea with me! Maybe it’s because I’m Asian and British, I’ve gotta have my tea with me. In Milan and Paris all you get is coffee, so I always take my own Earl Grey.

What are your tips to surviving fashion week?
For anyone? Okay eat well because you almost forget sometimes being on the go all the time, but you really need to take care of your health. Give yourself some time because you’re constantly around people and meeting new people so I feel like sometimes you need to take a step back and look at what you’ve done and appreciate it by yourself. And don’t go out every night!

 ps. one day when we're married with 16 kids this story will be a footnote in the story of our love!


26 February 2015


I managed to catch 21 year old, Londoner Patrish backstage after watching her close the Lulu Liu show, and she was gracious enough to answer some questions..

How many LFW seasons have you done?
This is my third season I think, and it’s my first show of the week.

What do you most look forward to about fashion week?
Just seeing all the clothes and what you’re gonna have to wear.

What do you never leave home without during fashion week?
Oh gosh never leave home without Skin Food by Weleda it’s so good.

What are your three tips for surviving fashion week?
Make sure you get loads of rest and have a nice pampering session before, eat healthily and exercise.  

I managed to sneak a prime spot in the photography pit and caught Patrish walking the Jacob Birge show, check that out below.. 

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pics by @detjohnmclane
video by me
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24 February 2015


Polina is one of two catwalk illustrators who were part of the Fashion Scout media team this fashion week. I shamelessly attached myself to her like a leech in the hopes that osmosis would give me some of her talent. The osmosis thing didn't work so I quizzed her about about what she does instead..

Where are you from?

Colon, Germany but I’ve been in London for 2 years.

Did you always know you wanted to be an illustrator?
I’ve always been drawing and I have the influence of my parents because they’re painters. I was always like a pretentious artist’s child who wanted to draw.

Do you work in any other mediums?
I kind of want to go into graphic design or maybe pattern design for textiles. Right now I’m studying illustration and animation at Kingston, but I feel like I’ve had enough of illustration and I want to do graphic design and collaborate more because I don’t really want to work on my own all the time, it’s boring.

How many seasons have you illustrated catwalk?
This is the first season, but last season I was outside Somerset House and drew people.

Who’s the coolest person you ever illustrated?
I drew Susie Bubble the other day and she signed my drawing!

Would you do this again?
I would love to do it again, it’s stressful but I’m enjoying it.

Who's your dream subject?

What is it that catches your eye about a subject?
I like movement, colour, interesting outfits and eyebrows.

What are your three tips for people who want to illustrate at catwalk shows?
Be quick, capture something that excites you and don’t try to draw realistically.

I managed to capture Polina in action at the Joao Melo Costa show..

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I saw Atikah Karim walk the Gyo Yuni Kimchoe show and muscled my way through the crowd as soon as the lights went back up just to get to her. The Malay model who's walked a few shows this week including Ashley Isham and J.JS Lee, was gracious enough to give me a bite-size backstage interview..

Is this your first season at LFW?
No this is my second time at London Fashion Week, and my fifth show this week.

What do you most look forward to about fashion week?
For it to end! I like London but it’s too expensive, so I prefer Milan because it’s nice and chill and it’s easy to get around—London is hectic. I also look forward to being on the catwalk and freebies.

What do you never leave home without during LFW?
Oh that’s easy, my power bank so I can charge my phone!

What are your three tips to surviving fashion week?
Water, lip balm and a phone.

pics by @detjohnmclane
video by me
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23 February 2015


What do you do?
I’m first assistant to Lan Nguyen Grealis, the head make-up artist at Fashion Scout. I’ve been working with Lan now for about 8 years and we’ve been doing Fashion Scout for 5 years or so.

What made you want to pursue a career as a make-up artist?
I got into make-up by accident, I was asked to look after somebody’s make-up and it just stemmed from there. It was really nice just to see the transformation of a face as soon as you started putting make on them. It’s fun, it’s creative and it’s just a nice way to use my creative flair.

Do you have any advice for people who have an interest in make-up and want to pursue it professionally?
Well I have a degree in graphic design, I enjoyed doing my own make-up but it never crossed my mind to work in this field until that one random experience. I highly recommend assisting a make-up artist because what you learn on the job and from all their experience is priceless.

What’s been your beauty must have this fashion week?
One of my favourites is the lip scrub from Bodyshop, it’s really great for getting rid of chapped lips, especially in this weather.

How do you unwind after fashion week?
A nice, long, hot shower! Well Lan does a massage and I prefer to do a float.

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21 February 2015


Is this your first season at London Fashion Week?
No, this is my second season. Today's my first show and I'm optioned for a few later on.

What excites you most about fashion week?
Just walking the actual show, going down the catwalk and then having all that chaos backstage-castings are the worst part of it.

What are your three survival tips for a fashion week newbie?
Be on time, always be ready for a selfie and have some food.

An item you never leave home without during fashion week?
A hair brush.

Catch Rebekah at the 2min mark below..

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19 February 2015


My motto for fashion week-and life in general-is 'get in get off get out', which is probably because I'm always running around writing reviews and have never actually had the pleasure of just enjoying the excitement surrounding the shows. Anyway this season will be no different as I'm writing for the Fashion Scout blog all week, and will be falling into my normal routine- get in (on time), get off (watch the shows, do my work), get out (with a tonne of snacks and vita coco's stashed inconspicuously under my clothes).
I'm keeping it simple all week in neautrals and wearing my new wrap-coat as much as possible, so every time someone compliments me on it I can tell them the story of how I found it in a Barnados marked down from £7 to £3.50!
second-hand coat | dress by me | zara mules | mango bag
to maximize space for the snacks I'll be stashing in my bag (and on my person), all I have is my Ipad and keyboard, business cards, phone, pencil and pen and a spare lipstick.

ps. don't judge my creased sheets okay.  
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14 February 2015


When it comes to comfort, very few things come close to the feel and fit of slightly, oversized sweats. Not only are they comfortable, they're versatile and look just as good worn with mismatched socks, as they do paired with some heels.
Aside from that, the main reason I decided to commemorate Valentine's Day with this particular 'mend' is because sweatpants, tracksuit bottoms, whatever you want to call them are the universal symbol of relationship security-it's not official until baé allows you to 'borrow' a pair of sweats and a t-shirt, fact. So if you've already experienced the landmark event that is the traveling of the sweats-from his/ her closet to yours-you should give this a try.
-pull the lace out and unpick the seams at the waistband without nicking the fabric or the elastic
-measure the back of your waist from side to side, subtract about 4" from this number and that's how long your elastic should be (you want it short enough to create a snug fit in the back, but also long enough when stretched that you can slip the sweats on)
-divide the piece of elastic into quarters and mark with pins (do the same for the back waistband) | align the pins on the elastic with the ones on the waistband and sew, remembering to pull the elastic taut 
-put the sweats on to figure out how wide your darts should be for the front to fit snug | use the centre seam to help you figure out how far apart the darts should be
-flip onto the underside, pin and sew the darts
-now fold the entire waistband back down, zigzag stitch it up all the way round and you're done!
ps. I was half asleep when I did this and kind of winged it so the pictures aren't as illustrative of the process as they could be.

pps. As you read this I'll be in the back of my Bikram class pleading with the universe to bring me Jason Mamoa, and silently sobbing because deep down I know him and Lisa Bonet are perfect together.

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2 February 2015


I finally made it to the Guy Bourdin exhibit at Somerset House and got up, close and personal with the vivid, enigmatic, sumptuousness of the genius photographer's work. There are over 100 published and unpublished shots, slides, blow-ups and negatives on display, so out of pure selflessness I whipped my phone out and snapped some of my favourites to share with those of you who might not get to see the exhibition.

Also included in the exhibition are excerpts from Bourdain's notebooks with meticulously detailed plans and sketches for some of his most recognisable images.

Easily one of the best exhibitions I've ever had the pleasure of seeing!
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