18 October 2015


These fun and furry Fendi bag charms have been the accessory du jour for a while now and I'm as in love as everyone else. If you haven't been able to get your hands on an affordable highstreet replica and don't mind a little DIY then get stuck into this post!
What you'll need:
-fur (8x8 inches)
-cushion or pillow filling/ old fabric
-needle and thread
-lobster clasp (about 1 inch in length)
-pattern piece in oval shape (3x2 inches)
 1. To save time when cutting the pattern out, pin it on the fold so you'e cutting put 3 pieces at a time. Remember to cut in the direction of the fur!
2a) lay the fur pieces flat. 2b) turn them over and start pinning them together, leaving the final two unjoined. 2c) Once you start sewing you should see a spherical shape forming. 2d) Your ball should look like this with the two sides you left unpinned. 
3a) grab the ribbon and clasp and cut about 2.5 inches of ribbon. 3b) thread the ribbon through the clasp. 3c) open your ball up and pull the ribbon through like it's in a bun. 3d) leaving a small opening (about half an inch), pin the gaping sides closed and sew.
4) you should be able to turn the ball inside out through the tiny opening you left, stuff some cushion filling or old fabric in there to give it a pouffy shape.
 5) hand sew the small opening shut.
Et voila!

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