11 August 2015


Swimwear shopping is f*$%ing tedious, add in extortionate prices and the kind of body issues that no amount of soft, fitting room lighting can fix, and it's just downright horrid.
When my obsession with the basic, borderline-functional onepiece swimsuit went into overdrive this summer, I decided to make one instead of buy one. I put together a pinterest board, decided what kind of cut I wanted it to be, cut up an old bodysuit for the pattern and the rest is history.

1. Made super technical sketch of the swimsuit I had in mind and adapted a basic pattern from a bodysuit (you can pin some pants to a vest top, fold in half and trace over it if you don't have a bodysuit to cut up.)

2. Took the basic pattern and cut two pieces each for the front and the back .
3. Doubled up the pieces and pinned.
4. Sewed the side, shoulder and crotch seams with a medium-sized zigzag stitch. I hemmed the thigh, neck and armholes with a normal straight stitch.
5. Squeezed self into self-made swimsuit. 



  1. Love how you make your own stuff! Very inspiring.

    XO, Jessi

  2. Very nice fit..how long does it take to learn how to sew and make your own clothing? Need pointers.


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