20 May 2015


I love the sun, sometimes I need the sun to remind me not to ignore my alarm, sometimes I need it to come out so I don't have to be squished against rain-drenched, wet-dog-smelling people on the tube and other times I just need it to justify my clothing choices. This whole wishy-washy May thing is killing my vibe. My legs need to be free and I cannot for the life of me understand why mother nature wont let me be great?!

Then again, maybe it's a good thing my miniskirt enjoyment is being restricted because heat, a leather miniskirt and excessive thigh meat sounds like a recipe for an embarrassing meme that I'm not willing to star in. 

wearing Secondhand blazer / River Island Skirt / Mango Bag / Asos Mules / American Apparel T-Shirt

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