19 February 2015


My motto for fashion week-and life in general-is 'get in get off get out', which is probably because I'm always running around writing reviews and have never actually had the pleasure of just enjoying the excitement surrounding the shows. Anyway this season will be no different as I'm writing for the Fashion Scout blog all week, and will be falling into my normal routine- get in (on time), get off (watch the shows, do my work), get out (with a tonne of snacks and vita coco's stashed inconspicuously under my clothes).
I'm keeping it simple all week in neautrals and wearing my new wrap-coat as much as possible, so every time someone compliments me on it I can tell them the story of how I found it in a Barnados marked down from £7 to £3.50!
second-hand coat | dress by me | zara mules | mango bag
to maximize space for the snacks I'll be stashing in my bag (and on my person), all I have is my Ipad and keyboard, business cards, phone, pencil and pen and a spare lipstick.

ps. don't judge my creased sheets okay.  

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  1. Love that coat, have fun at London Fashion Week!

    - Liz


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