14 February 2015


When it comes to comfort, very few things come close to the feel and fit of slightly, oversized sweats. Not only are they comfortable, they're versatile and look just as good worn with mismatched socks, as they do paired with some heels.
Aside from that, the main reason I decided to commemorate Valentine's Day with this particular 'mend' is because sweatpants, tracksuit bottoms, whatever you want to call them are the universal symbol of relationship security-it's not official until baĆ© allows you to 'borrow' a pair of sweats and a t-shirt, fact. So if you've already experienced the landmark event that is the traveling of the sweats-from his/ her closet to yours-you should give this a try.
-pull the lace out and unpick the seams at the waistband without nicking the fabric or the elastic
-measure the back of your waist from side to side, subtract about 4" from this number and that's how long your elastic should be (you want it short enough to create a snug fit in the back, but also long enough when stretched that you can slip the sweats on)
-divide the piece of elastic into quarters and mark with pins (do the same for the back waistband) | align the pins on the elastic with the ones on the waistband and sew, remembering to pull the elastic taut 
-put the sweats on to figure out how wide your darts should be for the front to fit snug | use the centre seam to help you figure out how far apart the darts should be
-flip onto the underside, pin and sew the darts
-now fold the entire waistband back down, zigzag stitch it up all the way round and you're done!
ps. I was half asleep when I did this and kind of winged it so the pictures aren't as illustrative of the process as they could be.

pps. As you read this I'll be in the back of my Bikram class pleading with the universe to bring me Jason Mamoa, and silently sobbing because deep down I know him and Lisa Bonet are perfect together.


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