27 February 2015


The Ones To Watch presentation had a FROW ripe with recognisable faces, and arguably the most captivating there was that of model cum artist, Sang Woo. I rarely meet male models and this was a prime opportunity to get a different perspective on the fashion week experience. I approached him with some word-vomit about how his face was sculpted by the hands of God, stuck my phone in his face and the rest is investigative journalism history..

How many seasons have you done so far?
The last LCM was my third so not many.

You’ve been working consistently since you were first scouted, are you still as excited about being a model as when you first began?
Yeah it’s amazing, I can’t really be complaining can I? It’s great to be able to travel around the world and meet some incredible people. It really is a great opportunity that I feel really blessed about.

What do most look forward to about Fashion week?
Well when doing the men’s shows being around the guys and being around the whole team is very exciting. I’m very interested in fashion hence my being here watching all the shows as well. It’s very different going from walking to watching the shows but I enjoy it just as much.

What’s the one thing you never leave home without during fashion week?
Tea, I always take my tea with me! Maybe it’s because I’m Asian and British, I’ve gotta have my tea with me. In Milan and Paris all you get is coffee, so I always take my own Earl Grey.

What are your tips to surviving fashion week?
For anyone? Okay eat well because you almost forget sometimes being on the go all the time, but you really need to take care of your health. Give yourself some time because you’re constantly around people and meeting new people so I feel like sometimes you need to take a step back and look at what you’ve done and appreciate it by yourself. And don’t go out every night!

 ps. one day when we're married with 16 kids this story will be a footnote in the story of our love!


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