21 January 2015


Part of me leaving my hoarding ways in the past involves getting rid of every random scrap of fabric I own. I had some downtime on Monday and decided to freestyle a geometric prism bag out of half a metre of some gorgeous faux-leather I had lying around-with jump rings and a zip I kept from an old backpack.
I can't even put a step by step guide into this post because I had no real idea of what I was doing going into it, I just drew the worst spec-drawing ever (see below but don't laugh) and gave myself a 4hour limit to get it done. I hope the pictures below help to illustrate how straightforward the process actually was as soon as I cut the pieces out.
My official line on why no lining was used in the making of this bag is that I'm a renegade, rebel-child, but word on the street is I'm too lazy and I don't care.

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  1. Haha...it's pretty straight forward when you get to the end. Love the whole idea.



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