20 November 2014

Tear : turtle neck

This post is inexcusably late because I got a bad case of the lazies and put this project off for weeks until finally forcing myself to put needle to fabric this past weekend. I gave myself a six hour window to make two turtlenecks and got them done in five-which is kind of impressive, but also kind of not because they're essentially t-shirts with super long sleeves and super high necks.
When sewing identical pieces I like to do a batch production kind of thing to save time, in this case I followed the bullet points below
1. double up the fabrics and cut the pieces on the fold
2. pin each pattern piece to it's corresponding piece
3. sew and hem each sleeve individually
4. attach the front and back pieces by sewing the side and shoulder seams (also hem the bottom now)
5. sew edges of neck-piece together and fold over in half so seam is hidden
6. sew the body, the neck and sleeves together, trim all the threads and pat yourself on the back because you're done!!
they need a wash and some ironing but they're pretty cute for a first attempt at making turtlenecks!


4 November 2014

Wear: All Black

Halloween has never been my thing, so instead of going out dressed as a slutty ghost or a zombie mouse-these costumes exist right?!-I decided to go as a grown woman, albeit one with her hair in puffs.
Wearing H&M jacket | Topshop jewellery | self-made top, trousers, clutch | Asos heels
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