23 December 2014

MEND: Sheer Panel Socks

This spur of the moment DIY was born out of anger after I tried and failed for the fifty-millionth time to order a pair of socks on asos-that are apparently sold out for eternity. Anyway as the red mist of anger lifted, I was left with a strange resolution about the art of panelled socks, it's merely a game of transference! HELLO!?!?!
All you need is a pair of socks, one knee-high stocking, a needle, thread, scissors and some sense.
1. cut a 2 inch panel from the leg of your socks and cut a 1.5inch panel from the leg of your stockings
2. you're now at the point of transference so just pin the stocking pieces to the sock pieces
3. hand sew the pieces you pinned
4. wear your new cute socks!!


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