13 December 2014

MAKE: Faux Septum Ring

It's been 5 years and some change since I boldly entered the facial piercing game with a septum piercing. While some people gave me their rude, unsolicited opinions, many were complimentary and most preferred to commented on the unusualness of it to avoid flat out telling me they hated it. Fast-forward to present day and my then-"alt" piercing is now a bit of a fashion statement, so I figured out a relatively inexpensive and painless way for you to get your hands on the latest must-have accessory..
you'll need craft wire 1mm thick, beads 2mm diameter, craft glue, metal shears (not pictured), make up brush or similar cylindrical item like a pen
1. cut an inch of wire 
2. wrap the wire around the make-up brush, if your ends overlap just trim them but avoid bending the wire out of it's circular shape 
3. a) go ahead and apply the glue to the area you want your beads on. b) use a pin to clean off any excess glue while it's still wet/ tacky so it doesn't dry in unsightly clumps. c) glue a bead on each end of the craft wire to avoid it scratching you while wearing the ring.

cheap, easy and fun!
if you try this out and take pics, please tag me on instagram (@floriesms) so I can see!

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