26 October 2014

Mend : fur strap Sandals

The only rewarding thing about being a hoarder is finding fun ways to get crafty with things that have lost their newness and usefulness. But let me not lie and pretend I'm giving these sandals a new lease of life when they've never actually been worn, still look pretty great and my only purpose for doing this is to differentiate them from the other pairs of ankle strap sandals I own. 
So if you're in a similar-too many near-identical shoes and not enough love for them all-situation then you can either a) give them away b) sell them or c) try what I did below..
You'll need a pair of sandals you don't wear anymore, a decent length of maribou feather trim and some good quality electrical tape.

-Wrap the tip of your trim in some tape (I wrapped an inch because that's how wide the tip of my sandal strap is), and tape that to the underside of the inside edge of your sandal strap.
-Continuously wrap the trim around the strap until you get to the other end, wrap the other tip of the trim and tape it down like you did at the start. 
It's a little fidgety and the feathers get everywhere but the end result is definitely worth it..


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