10 October 2014

Make: Sculptural Ear cuff

This has got to be one of the most straight forward DIYs I will ever implore you to follow, so I'll jump straight in with the short list of stuff you'll need and a few pointers on how you can do it too..
You'll need
-craft wire
-Craft glue (of your choice, I used a mix of epoxy and off-brand superglue) 
-Metal shears/ scissors (not pictured because they're ugly)
-Earring posts and backs

 Cut a strip of craft wire the same length as your ear and cut a few smaller pieces which you'll then bend at a right angle
Curve the long piece of craft wire to fit the shape of your ear and begin gluing your smaller pieces to the inside of it
After a couple of hours add your earring posts and leave to dry overnight
If the raw edges of the craft wire bother you, you can file them down with the soft side of an emory board and go over them with some gold nail varnish.
 et voila!


1 comment

  1. This is so cool! I really want an ear cuff, I didn't think of making it myself. Yours looks awesome x


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