17 September 2014

Mend: Tweed Blazer

Three years ago I walked into a charity shop feeling rich and saw this raggedy old M&S jacket, I tried it on and hated it, but bought it anyway with the intentions of making it over into the Chanel jacket of my dreams. I finally dug it out of the 'to-sew' section of my wardrobe last month and got to work. 
Rather than add a trim and maybe some buttons, I decided to go for an understated look that only required some skilful trimming and nifty needle work. 
step 1. trimmed all the frayed edges, pinned the collar under and trimmed that bad boy off too.
step 2. pinned the collar-what was left of it-under again and hand-sewed it with a running stitch followed by a hemming stitch.
step 3. patted myself on the back for a job well done.
not bad for an afternoon's work right?!

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