29 August 2014

Wear: Last Days of Summer

I'm hereby commemorating the last official day of summer with this post. I can't believe we're already dusting our coats off and figuring out ways to wear fit summer bits in with winter looks. Praises to the weather gods for our last touch of warm sun last saturday, it was much needed.
wearing a self-made mesh tee and skirt, with Zara loafers and a H&M hat.


18 August 2014

Make: Retro Embellished Sunglasses

As someone who's in love with anything cat-eye related, I'm kicking myself for not thinking of making these sunglasses earlier. All you need is a cheapie pair of sunglasses, a steady hand and some imagination, it's pretty self-explanatory so I hope you all give it a go!

You'll need 
- craft glue (I used Epoxy not pictured)
- plain sunglasses 
- charms
- flat back gems
Step 1. you wanna start by sticking the big charms on first because they're usually hollow and require some manoeuvring and patience to keep them stuck on
 Step 2. add your flat-back gems, be either as gaudy or modest as you like. As you can see I kind of freestyled where I put my gems and ended up with too many
once you're done, leave the adhesive to dry for a few hours, or overnight 
taaah daah!

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11 August 2014

Wear: Pink Lady

So what exactly does one say in an inaugural post?! I'm not sure so I'll just tell you the story behind these here bright pink trousers. After impulse buying these trousers for £9, I realised they were a couple of sizes too big, were non-returnable, and came with an ugly top-which was unsalvageable and had to be given to another charity shop. I mention all of that to say, it took me 2 side seams and a couple of well placed darts to turn them into my favourite pair of trousers!
completed the look with a New Look 'waffle' t-shirt, a self-made leather sack, Zara sandals and Topshop rings.
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